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The third film screening of This Light presents works made by humans that attempt to incorporate nonhuman perspectives and performances.

Citroen CX Car Advert by Grace Jones and Jean-Paul Goude
1min ● Video ● Colour ● Sound ● 1985

Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend by SeriouslyPissedOff
2min ● Video ● Colour ● Sound ● 2009

Century by Kevin Jerome Everson
7min ● 16mm to HD ● Colour ● Sound ● 2012

Flagrant délit by Madelon Vriesendorp
10min ● 16mm Animation ● Colour ● Sound ● 1985

Squeezing Sorrow From an Ashtray by Steve Reinke
6min ● Video ● Colour ● Sound ● 1992

Leftside Rightside by Joan Jonas
9min ● Video ● B&W ● Sound ● 1972

Green Screen Refrigerator by Mark Leckey
20min ● HD Video ● Colour ● Sound ● 2010

Birds by Daria Martin
8min ● 16mm ● Colour ● Sound ● 2001


Start: 19:00

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More info and the full programme on thislight.org


This Light is a sculpture and screening space and an attempt to describe a free cinema that emerges out of a desire to make private viewing habits public. The cinema goes by the name This Light. At a time when public space is rapidly dissolving into private property and attention is dissolving into the monetised distraction of streaming content in solitude, the cinema activates the possibilities offered through networked technology and opens the domestic up to what could be called anybody. In This Light Stuttgart hundreds of moving image works are screened. The daily playlists are approached as material intimately connected with Andrew Norman Wilson’s own artistic practice, but also as conversation pieces. That is, This Light considers how method and process can be reflected on through a continuous flow of edited moving image content. It proposes a mode of thinking through film and video, speculating on the material conditions of its making as well as mechanisms of distribution and reception. 

This Light: Object Relations / Special Effects




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