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Theatre of the Long Now is the promise to stage a performance on a brownfield in Stuttgart that will run for at least a hundred years. Launched by an unknown landscape architect from the city, the theatre’s operation has until now been completely invisible to everyone but those involved with the project. Theatre of the Long Now is both installation art and a vision: It has no roof, but there is a company. It is an institution, though without any kind of legal status. It has spectators, but no human being or animal will see the entire show. Theatre of the Long Now is radically decelerated performance art …
Beginning with the 2017 season, Ferl+Hertel and Bureau Baubotanik serve as Theatre of the Long Now’s artistic directors, developing its program with performative and botanic-infrastructure interventions. As part of Techne, Theatre of the Long Now will host performances, festivities, and activities in close dialogue with the evolving and growing project. Following the premiere in July 2017, the closing event of the Techne festival celebrates the end of the season at the Theatre of the Long Now. Theatre of the Long Now is realised in cooperation with Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.


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Theatre of the Long Now: Closing Season

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