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The future is back! It rises on the horizon of imagination and calls for thinking utopias which break radically with the present. If science fiction authors from the 70s had seen the year 2016 they would have been disappointed. Neither aesthetically, nor regarding society can the present keep up with the future of the past. Technological and social progress have taken the wrong course. We have to go back to a future that seems desirable. Back to the Future is a theatrical journey through time. Instead of mourning, we would like to work on a positive vision, an excited way of looking forward, the ability to dream – this is where revolutionary potential begins.

For more information and updates see zurueckindiezukunft.org

Back to the Future

Neue Dringlichkeit

backtothefuture, neuedringlichkeit, zurĂĽckindiezukunft

17/01/02 Published