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The workshop by Christophe Meierhans and Ant Hampton frames the impulse that comes from a mistrust of one’s own established norms; from having ‘had enough’ of not taking up the challenge of trespassing those limits.

THE THING is an entirely automated performance for 8-12 participants following a mix of pre-recorded and scripted triggers. There are no leaders or authors present.

The ‘Automatic Workshop’ aims to create the best possible conditions for its participants to dare enact another version of themselves; to take a leap of both faith and imagination, by which one decisively steps out of one’s own ‘comfort zone’ to engage with the world as if such limits had been removed.

“The term ‘reflexive impotence’ refers to a condition of inaction whereby people know very well that something is terrible, but have no belief that they themselves can change it, so they do nothing. Ant and Christophe’s workshop is an antidote… a factory of hope”.

–  Alexander Roberts


The workshops takes place as part of the final presentation of Techne in November this year and will be held on four days in sessions of four hours each.

Participants welcome from diverse backgrounds – not just the arts.

More information will follow.

THE THING – An Automatic Workshop

Ant Hampton, Christophe Meierhans


17/05/11 Published