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Mohrle is a tomcat that can cry. Devotedly, he prepares his prey, a dead mouse, for its new existence in an infamous role. As an anthropomorphic cat in a fur costume, Hendrik Quast practices techniques designed to slow down natural decay and oblivion. With skill, he moans his way through the registers of musical singing, while he is dedicated to the meticulous taxidermic preparation of a mouse – from skinning, to stuffing, to staging. In a tense relationship between creation and destruction, the seemingly dead is transformed into something seemingly alive. A hairy delivery of cuteness.


Concept, text, vocals: Hendrik Quast
Dramaturgy, light design: Maika Knoblich
Costume design and make-up: Christina Neuss
Vocal coach: Dorothee Dalg


Hendrik Quast, Maika Knoblich

hendrikquast, Mohrle

16/12/20 Published