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Transpersonal: art and life directives is a developing transnational research project that involves public lectures, education, exhibition making, design mediations and publishing in the field of contemporary art and theory. The project looks closely at the production of psychotechnologies, socio-political awareness and art and design practices in an automated field of reality.
The term transpersonal expands our attention towards interpersonal relationships and communities, to include forms of relation that break down the boundaries of the self. Transpersonal connections may be brought on by spiritual, sensual and precarious experiences that act as interruptions of a particular identity. The practices involved use techniques, crafts, states of mind and forms of awareness related to psychosocial care, obligation and responsibility. In a time when production is increasingly accelerated and our physical connection to reality is becoming more distant, this project reconsiders models of participation, ownership and belonging that todays organisations and institutions ostensibly permit.

Transpersonal: art and life directives

Astrid Korporaal, Dr. Stephen Wilson

astridkorporaal, drstephenwilson, transpersonal

17/01/25 Published