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Mohrle is a tomcat whose tears flow freely. His prey, a mouse, is dead as can be, but he dotes on it, preparing it for its new existence, its star turn on the stage of global fame. An anthropomorphic cat in a fur suit, Hendrik Quast practices techniques that slow down the natural processes of decomposition and oblivion. While expertly wailing his way across the vocal spectrum of musical theatre, he devotes himself to the meticulous live preparation of a mouse: from skinning the carcass and stuffing it to  the details of its presentation. Between the poles of creation and destruction, what was dead is brought back to a semblance of life. A manifestly cute reconstruction with furry specimens.

Conception, lyrics, vocals: Hendrik Quast
Dramaturgy, lighting design:
Maika Knoblich
Costumes and makeup: Christina Neuss
Vocal coaching: Dorothee Dalg


Start: 20:00

Tickets: http://theaterrampe.de/stuecke/techne-mohrle/


Theater Rampe