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A conversation reflecting on production from perspectives of means, survivalism and energy with Bonnie Camplin.

Alongside selected moving image work including:
Get Me A Mirror, 2006, 5′ 58”
Cancer, 2004, 4′ 39”
Terrazzo, 2008, 3′ 12”
Special Afflictions by Roy Harryhozen, 2006, 5′
Colonial Fanny, 2007, 1′ 33”
“A” (Like Akarova), 2006, 3′
Good Health, 2003, 2′ 50”


Bonnie Camplin (b. 1970, London) lives and works in London. Her practice has included ten years as a para-theatrical producer, director, dancer and performer of experimental club nights in Soho, London, as well as work across the disciplines of drawing, film and video, performance, music and writing. Recent solo presentations include: The Military Industrial Complex at South London Gallery (2014), for which Camplin was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2015; and The Eight Pieces at Camden Arts Centre, London (2016–2017). She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College London and was Guest Professor of the Film Class at Städelschule Frankfurt from 2008 to 2010.

This screening and conversation is part of an ongoing series of events within Techne and the Decency of Means.

Friday 24 November, 7pm

This Light Cinema
Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
Reuchlinstraße 4b
D–70178 Stuttgart

Bonnie Camplin – Some Thoughts on the Invented Life

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart



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