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Ulrich Bernhardt is a media artist as well as initiator and first Artistic Director at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. Since 1980 he has focused on themes around technology in relation to Greek mythology. His video installation Der Schild des Achill, 1980 (in the collection of Staatsgalerie Stuttgart) marks the beginning of a trilogy, “the son, the mother and the teacher – Achill, Thetis and Chiron” which reflects on cultural change since the neolithic period as well as the end of the nuclear age and the transformation to an environmentally friendly technology.


Ulrich Bernhardt

Techne and the Decency of Means – Ausstellung, Die schrecklich gute Mutter

Das Auge der Thetis, Thetis's Eye, Ulrich Bernhardt

16/11/25 Published