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Stine Hertel is a theatre maker and light designer based in Düsseldorf. She studied at the Institute for applied theatre studies at the University of Giessen. Since then she has worked as director as well as light designer with performance-theatre. In 2015/16 she worked on the production Just before the night/Juste Avant La Nuit, a collaboration with Belgian Label RITA which was presented at Théatre de la Balsamine, Brussels;  Mythos Festival, Rennes; and FFT Düsseldorf. Stine Hertel is co-founder of performance collective LUKAS UND. As light designer, she takes part in various performance and choreography projects, like recently with Monstertruck&The Footprints for the production Sorry (2016), shown at FFT Düsseldorf; Theater Rampe Stuttgart; Sophiensaele Berlin; Lagos Live Festival, Nigeria.


Stine Hertel

Theatre of the Long Now

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16/11/21 Published