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Annabella Spielmannleitner and Benjamin Köder live and work in Karlsruhe. Painter Benjamin Köder graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe where he was Meistershüler of Prof. Marijke van Warmerdam. Annabella Spielmannleitner works mainly with sculpture and installation. She studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with Prof. Susanne Windelen, Prof. Dr. Cristina Gómez Barrio und Prof. Wolfgang Mayer.

For Techne they collaborate on the project Setting Sculpture.

Annabella Spielmannleitner & Benjamin Köder

Techne and the Decency of Means – Ausstellung, Setting Sculpture

annabellaspielmannleitner&benjaminkoeder, settingsculpture

17/04/03 Published